Phylogenetics And Networks for Generalised HIV Epidemics in Africa


MRC Fisherfolk Cohorts

These are high-risk HIV cohorts among the fishing communities around Lake Victoria. A study conducted in 2010, among fishing communities on the shores of Lake Victoria in Masaka and Wakiso districts, Uganda, reported an HIV prevalence of 28.8% and incidence of 5 per 100 person years. A high proportion of the study population reported risky sexual behaviour i.e. multiple sex partners, frequent change of partners, low condom use even with partners known to be HIV infected, transactional sex and sex under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Since January 2012, MRC/UVRI Unit has been recruiting HIV-uninfected adults at high risk of HIV infection from fishing communities into a prospective HIV incidence open fisher folk cohort study.

Fisherfolk Landing Site