Phylogenetics And Networks for Generalised HIV Epidemics in Africa


Medical Research Council


The MRC/UVRI Uganda research Unit on AIDS is an internationally recognized centre of excellence for research on HIV infection and related diseases. The Unit was established in 1988 following a request from the Uganda Government to the United Kingdom (UK) Government to contribute to the understanding and control of the HIV epidemic in Uganda, now a partnership between the Uganda Virus Research Institute(UVRI) and UK Medical Research Council (MRC). The Unit is part of the UVRI but with semi-autonomy, UVRI is a Government Institution established in 1936. The Unit has the mission (i) to conduct research to improve the control of the HIV epidemic through prevention and care both in Uganda and elsewhere in Africa, (ii) to contribute to the translation of research findings into policy and practice both locally and internationally, and (iii) to support capacity building for research in Africa.


The MRC/UVRI Unit is initially contributing to the PANGEA_HIV Work Package 2, which involves the identification of research studies with appropriate study populations and obtaining ethical approvals for expanding the research to include large scale phylogenetic analysis. As part of this, we are sending samples from the research studies listed below to the PANGEA_HIV sequencing centers. The full length and partial genomes obtained are subsequently linked to our existing clinical and epidemiological data.